The Land With No Name

Sanctuary For Homeless Sculpture

Ted Wade Springer

Ted grew up in Hopedale, Illinois on a farm raising corn, beans, and hogs.  He moved to Tucson Arizona and received his Masters of Fine Arts in sculpture. Ted’s work incorporates readily accessible materials including but not limited to steel, concrete, and wood. Often the materials have had a previous life as a building material.  He presently commutes back and forth from Tucson to Brooklyn, working in New York for Sculptor Ursula Von Rydingsvard.  She creates large-scale sculpture made from long cedar beams that are cut, carved, and laminated. Ursula refers to Ted as her most “lyrical” cutter, and to see them in action you can watch the PBS series Art21 to see the interesting process in building these sculptures. Ted’s focus in Tucson is the 25 acres of land that he’s purchasing with Kate Long Hodges in the high desert near the Mexican border, a beautiful quiet place that he continues to share with others.  He calls it, “The Land With No Name, Sanctuary for Homeless Sculpture”.

Kate Long Hodges

Kate Long Hodges grew up on an apple orchard in Cornwall Vermont. She taught art to children at orphanages in Brazil and Honduras, and she started her own business called Little Lightning Studios, a mobile art school that serves different populations from teenagers to youth in the Tucson community.  She received her Master of Fine Arts at the University of Arizona in sculpture.  She worked for artist Judy Pfaff as an assistant in New York, helping with large-scale installations, then returned to Arizona to pursue her own artwork and art teaching to all ages. She is co-director of The Land With No Name, Sanctuary For Homeless Sculpture, a twenty-five acre plot of wild desert that she and her companion Ted Wade Springer have been directing for 12 years.